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The Diamond
500 Diamond Drive
Lake Elsinore, California

Field of Screams - The Haunted Stadium

Field of Screams is the biggest, most extreme haunted attraction in the Inland Empire. It features three terrifying movie quality haunted attractions, including special events such as the Bite and Fright buffet and Haunters night. Field of Screams opens in October and is located at the Diamond in Lake Elsinore, Ca.

Enter into the Chop Shop Slaughterhouse and find yourself in the middle of a twisted new world. Journey threw a decrepit centuries old meat processing plant, where we hire our expert butchers straight off of death row to help torture, kill, and hack our incoming meat. As you campaign deeper into the dark and dilapidated halls of the Slaughterhouse, animal carcasses become fewer and far between. You will soon discover that we sell the other dark meat, Human Flesh. So if you don’t watch your step, you might find yourself on the chopping block with the rest of our victims!
(Not recommended for children under 13! Extreme Gore and Violence)

Step Right Up! This Funhouse has a mind of its own.... enter through the giant Circus tent walls as it constantly alters its path with you inside. Take one wrong step and you will be lost, never to be heard from again. Finding your way out will prove to be quite a task with deranged killer clowns following your every move.
(Recommended for all ages)

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to be followed down a dark alley? You Will! At Blood Storm Alley, Monsters of all types will be stocking you with one thing in mind, BLOOD!
(Recommended for all ages)

Welcome to the Field of Screams the Haunted Stadium at the Diamond in Lake Elsinore, Ca, opening October of 2009! We are the Biggest most Extreme Haunted Attraction in the Inland Empire, featuring three terrifying movie quality haunted attractions, all in one location.

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