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Public resource's, should you decide to make them available AND whether some people choose to accept (these or that, whatever. People complain about this and that of the rental industry AND/OR accept (?) like it's some 3rd world country; forget that, for oneself, step up and call fool's in power out on this and that, OR, fine, accept and line in (&^%$), one's choice, so be it. Public resource's also are on page 2, each with a (mouse over preview button) of/on my website:

PROTECT YOURSELF IN THIS ILL RENTAL INDUSTRY, BE SMART! They can prove to be of a worthy resource, in regards to doing one's research and homework in checking out a rental or otherwise building/property, prior to proceeding with a owner, landlord, misc or otherwise closing and securing a real estate or rental deal, especially in times like we live in today. Thank you in advance, on behalf of (10) million in LA.

LA City Planning - 'Parcel Profile Report' on any building/property: One would type in the location number, then the street name, ensuring it's correct, otherwise it won't find it, then clicking on 'GO'. The (following) icon's on the next page, (map) and (report), of which (report) is of the essential information unto one reviewing a building/property's 'Parcel Profile Report'. The (report) will open up in (.pdf file format), which one will need to have "Adobe Reader" installed on the computer. I'm sure the (following, below) would prove to be minimally useful unto those whom are low income and/or are a Section 8 housing authority client, basically anyone who wants to know more about a property or lot.

HUD - Low Rent Apt Search: - (Step 1: Then select name of City or County, or select Zip Code, or even select name of property (if known), Step 2: Select Apt type, and finally, select number of bedrooms, then click Next; it is not known how often the list is updated or misc etc. However, the nearest LA HUD office is located, Downtown LA: "Dept. of Housing and Urban Development", in the "AT&T Building", 611 W. Sixth Street, Suite 800/8th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017. THERESA CAMILING is the Field Office Director. (213) 894-8000, Fax (213) 894-8110., or another LA associate assistant:

For LA Housing Authority rental properties online listing, and choose which size unit:

There's also: (A great free rental search site)

'Affordable Housing List' - CRA/LA:

'Affordable Housing Roster' – LAHD:

"LADBS" Property Activity Report Search, (mainly for Commercial, but can list Commercial and Residential):

"LAHD" Property Activity Report Search, (for whatever under the sun housing 'residential' related - to ill code violation's):

"LA Environmental Health" 'Property Activity Report' Search - for busted/broken window screen's, bugs/pests, etc:

Also, there’s: - You can do a search up to (7) day's of local crime in an area, and up to a (5) mile radius, and locate PD station that serves an area. And you can locate who the assigned Community/Neighborhood Senior Lead officer is. You can also Zoom in/out when viewing a map; just type in an address and zip code.

Even consulting: for one to see or verify if owner, etc/misc registered with the State of California, per (Corp - corporation, LLC - limited liability company or LP - limited partnerships and limited liability) for example.

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