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To share the joy of reading
I found this site from a book that picked up while doing laundry one day. There I am at the laundromat and I see a bag that says 'free books'. At first I am skeptical but as I looked through the bag I came across one that I thought I would like. Inside was a sticker with an ID number and the website for Book Crossing.

The way this works is that you register any books you want to "release" and Book Crossing gives you an ID number for it. Once you've released the book you can announce it on the site. People find these books and hopefully register that they have found them, what they thought of them and release them again for someone else to read.

I love to read and I thought it was a great idea to just leave the books anywhere for people to take, read and hopefully release back out there. I don't think enough people today know the joy of reading, the way it opens up your imagination, the way it stimulates the brain. - Lis, The , posted 02/12/07
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