Boycott Circuit City.

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Boycott Circuit City.
in Los Angeles
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the biggest sham...
... is that when you are hired at a place like this, you are encouraged to put your ALL into the job... to embrace it is more than a job... to eat live and breathe the company... but when it comes time to lay you off they always tell you "it's nothing personal... it's just business."

This double standard is what drives me insane. - Swambat , posted 03/24/08
Unethical Buisness Practices,.....
Yes Cercuit City IS corrupt and unetical! Making or earning a very large sum of Money is perfectly alright as long as its an Ethical and Honest Profit. People can get Rich WITHOUT disadvantaging anyone,...but Circuit City quite obviously dose not do that. - Unsubscribed , posted 03/24/08
would have avoided at any rate
yes, they have poor organization anyway, shopping there is a chore.

Best buy is a much better experience, though their "megastore" politics might also cause you guilty feelings for shopping there, driving smaller stores (record shops) out of business. - VJ Franz , posted 04/16/07
Best Restaurant in the city...Excellent Service...
i never shopped there in the first
- Unsubscribed , posted 04/14/07
corprate-fascist-sons-of-bitches! - Unsubscribed , posted 04/13/07
Some excellent ideas here
It's good to target a company and make an example of them. People will be watching, and maybe reporters will be reporting the boycotts if they are effective enough, and if the voices of the protesters gets out there.

Some people have some great suggestions here, so I'm not going to bother with any. But, i will tell you what I like. :)

Taking 1/2 the money from the CEO and splitting it between the lesser paid workforce. Who can't live on $4 mil?

This is America, and I strongly believe in Capitalism. Anyone should be able to make as much money as they can, with a clause: ethically, morally, and with dignity for oneself and those around them.

Our society teaches us that to have more is success. I think we should go back to: the more I do well is success. Instead of putting pride in the work, people are putting it into how much I make and how many BMW's I own. That is only spurring the greed.

There was a time when money wasn't so very important, it was the quality of workmanship, whatever the person did for a living. They put their hearts into it. Of course, some people always needed more, but at least, even in the low wage bracket they were able to get by with a little help. Nowadays, minimum wage can't pay the rent and there is no job security. I think companies would fare much better if they were able to give job security to their employees, along with a few extra bucks from the pockets of the wealthiest in the companies.
- Overcomer , posted 04/12/07
The Problem is...
Not Best Buy. Or any other particular company. The problem is that we have managed to raise a generation of people with no ethics (Luc here is apparently one of them, cuz that's how they think.) It's called "capitalism" folks. It is designed to work only for the rich... and the unethical who will do what it takes to be rich.

I happen to run a small business. I was raised in a small business family. I certainly *will not* do "anything" to make money. Not over the backs of those who help me by doing my bidding. Not even if it's LEGAL.

Legal, BTW... is the bare minimum at which any professional performs. Everyone is expected to stay within the law. That is not a goal to strive for.... it's the least we can get away with. (I was actually taught this in one of the most conservative public universities, with one of the biggest business schools in the nation.)

Why do folks think it has to be that way?

Here's some liberal dislogic for ya, Luc, ... from Abe Lincoln in 1864: "Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow." Yes sir, Mr. Lincoln. You called that one on the money.

- Unsubscribed , posted 04/08/07
I love left wing dislogic
CEOs make too much money - what a laugh. This guy runs a multi billion dollar company. He should be paid enough to care what happens to it. And he is. - Luc , posted 04/06/07
I don't shop there anyway
but I'm all for a boycott. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/06/07
Good thing...
I bought those shares in Best Buy Stock a few years back... :) - Snohomish , posted 04/05/07
Did you here their stock has taken a dive
Circuit City's stock has taken a hit since the announcements of layoffs.
Best Buy has taken the opposite marketing strategy (hiring capable people for the long term ,and emphasizing good service)and is flourishing. They may be doubly benefiting from the layoffs by snatching up very qualified but very pissed off Circuit City ex-employees. The bad decision about layoffs and the blatantly insulting rehire option ,in conjunction with the Ceo's exorbitant wage may in effect cause Circuit Cities own karmic leveling. They have a HUGE amount of bad press right now. - Stephen , posted 04/05/07
For Real
To all the people who said you own the business and do what you like... exactly....
and we shop and work there and can do what we like - including shutting down your business by refusing to shop there...
LET's break this down for REAL...
Tom broke down how much the CEO makes per second....
but what really matters...
let's take just 1/2 his annual salary of 8.52 million
thats 4.25 million
and divide that up amongst 3400 employees....
that's an extra 1250 dollars a year per employee.
pull 1 million dollars from just 4 other overpaid greed bags
(who can DO WHAT THEY WANNA!!!) and that is
enough to pay all of these people an extra 2 per hour
for 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year.

So let's get real... these guys are doing "WHAT THEY WANNA"
and so are we.
Has anyone noticed there is always, always a BEST BUY like right across the street from a lame ass CIRCUIT CITY.
BOYCOTT. Never shopping there again.
Not until they publicly apologize and cut the executive
pay checks.
revv - revVrob , posted 04/05/07
The BIG Con
The BIG Con is the way the middle class & working poor have been conned into believing that "just business" is a valid excuse for reneging on a contract. The employer and employees agree on terms (wages, hours, benefits, conditions for advancement, etc) and the employees fulfilled their end of the bargain. The employer reaped the benefits and DUE TO MISMANAGEMENT failed to make (enough) profit so they fire GOOD WORKERS to hire new employees at $1.00 per hour cheaper. Mismanagement is the employer's fault, not the workers'.

The Repuglicans fooled the dim-witted into voting for someone who would "run this country like a business" and that's what Dubya has done, run this counrty into the ground like every other business he ever touched.

Boycott Circuit City? No problem. - Gil , posted 04/05/07
Been there...won't do that
This is nothing new. It happens in retail all the time. Hire people, promise them the world if they are productive, and then fire them for bogus reasons when it's time to give them the bonuses and raises they earned. Then start the loop again.

It's why i don't work within corporate structures anymore...loyalty and hard work are valuable to me, and I prefer to work in environments that support that. - Tarot Readings by... , posted 04/05/07
As the owner I can fire who I want
I own the company. I do as I please as long as I dont break any labor laws I am not saying it's right or fair, it's BUSINESS . Like Kengi I too am a small business owner and I do whats best for my bottom line. If this makes me an A hole then so I guess I am. I am in business to make money. It's that simple. AGAIN I am not saying that it is right to fire anyone and hire someone else at a lower pay rate. I am not saying that at all and neither did kengi. As a business owner I have to do whats right for my company and sometimes this means letting people go. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/04/07
It's not just Circuit City doing this...
Here's another story: - Rob , posted 04/04/07
Let's See the First Quarter Numbers
Chances are, the company is already going down if they have to resort to laying off all their best salespersons to boost their financial picture. Notice they did this right before they have to report their first quarter numbers, which will come out today. - Capitol P , posted 04/04/07
Boycotts Work
Yes, you have the right to make as much money as you want to make... but everyone else has the right to call you a cruel and unethical a-hole. It seems you're advocating capitalism run amok. Everything for the almighty dollar, people be damned.

Boycotts work. The object of a boycott is NOT to close down the company. The purpose of a boycott is to force the company to change their policies. The company wants to stay in business and they will cater to their customer's demands in order to make those billions. If people say they want cheap prices at the cost of livable wages for its employees, then it will happily deliver. But if customers demand that they treat their employees fairly or else they won't shop there, well guess what they're going to do?

You vote with your wallet, people. If you buy clothes made in sweatshops because you want to save a dollar, then you've made a choice. - ~tommy , posted 04/04/07
Simply Fucked Up
There is no other way to say it. Firing your most senior employees and then offering to rehire them at lower wages is an awful way to run a business. Employee loyalty, moral, and motivation is a vital part of having a successful company. Unfortunately for CircutCity, they decided that having happy workers was not as important as a short term solution to their financial troubles. I don't know if they will track the results of their move, but I'd bet that the revenue lost because of employee indifference will be much greater than the money saved by cutting wages. It's just a stupid move, and if I was running BestBuy I would try to grab as many of CircutCity's best people and really stick it to the competition. - SS , posted 04/04/07
I am a business owner
I do agree with the comment Jessie made, however as the owner of my business I have the right to make as much money as I want to make. It's my company. I dont think it's right for people to get fired and then replaced by workers at a lower rate. This should be against the law.

If you boycott works-and it wont -more people will be fired or layed off work and this doesnt help either - Unsubscribed , posted 04/04/07
Don't be dumb.
When they have a job of running an entire company, they too can make 8.52 million dollars. Bag groceries or do customer service and you'll be making about minimum wage or just over, it's how the economy works. I don't see anything substantially different here from how most other companies do business, what's to bitch about?

I certainly don't think there are any laws (other than those pertaining to minimum wages) that instruct a company as to how much or little their employees can make. I don't think that Circuit City has been doing too well lately, and it sounds like they need to cut costs. As a result they would either have to lay off a significant portion of their work force, or cut pay rates. In either case it sounds like some of you would be bitching. If employees don't like the pay, they are certainly free to find jobs in other places, nobody is FORCING them to work for Circuit City. Sure, it doesn't sound like it's the place that is most respectful of their employees, but I'm sure that if they get a bad enough name from their practices that fewer and fewer people will want to work there. In any rate, I'm not really sure what it is that you'd be boycotting here, other than being jealous of how much their CEO is making or some such whinery. - Jesse , posted 04/04/07
Yea boycot them
Don't shop there and lets close them down. Then everyone loses their job. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/03/07
BOYCOTT Circuit City!
Circuit City Chief Executive Officer Philip Schoonover was paid $8.52 million in 2006.
He is Firing 3400 employees and rehiring new ones in the same position at a lower rate.
The difference is 2 to 3 dollars an hour.
These people have lives and families.

Circuit City Chief Executive Officer Philip Schoonover was paid $8.52 million in 2006.
lets break this down - 8.52 Million a year is:
monthly: $710,000.00
weekly: $170,400.00
daily: $35,000.00
hourly: $4,437.50
per minute: $73.96
per second: $1.23

CEO's are garnering more and more per year every year... at the cost of all other american citizens.
Pretty soon, the average american wage earner will not be able to afford to live.
today, the greatest wage earning gap exists between our top earners and our average wage earners... since 1928.

write to Circuit City today. attn: Philip Schoonover.
let him know that you will not be buying products from him or his stores... and then don't.
- Tom , posted 04/03/07
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