Daikokuya Ramen

4 ratings since posting on Monday, November 1, 2004
Daikokuya Ramen
in Little Tokyo
(submitted by Mer )

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Get there early....
We got there at 8 on sunday last week and they were closed out.... Once the soup runs out, they are done......

There is only one thing on that menu as far as I can tell and that's the ramen. SO SO SO good. The pork pure magic... the egg actually tastes delicious.... Can't say enough about the stock.... like fried egg and bacon flavored stock. - Spencer.... , posted 08/21/08
One of the Best
Been there a handful of times, and I must say that they REALLY know how to make their ramen. Also, they decorated the place quite well; neat mixture of old Japanese movie/advertisement posters and other assorted awesome stuff. Highly recommended! (Stones throw away from the JANM too!) - Joanna , posted 05/14/07
I ate there a year and a half ago and had daily cravings for their ramen....after 2 months it spread out to cravings every other day....4 months-couple times a week....6 months- once a week.....now? back to cravings everyday.....I think they put crack in the soup base. - Michelle , posted 02/08/06
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Yum... Authentic Kurobuta Ramen!!
Great place in the heart of Little Tokyo. Has only one kind of ramen... but it's their house special. You can ask for richer soup but for first timers... I recommend the regular.... The soup is created by simmering pork bones for almost a whole day so the soup is very rich already.... Absolutely delicious... DEFINITELY A MUST TRY! - Mer , posted 11/01/04
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