Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness, and Finding Your Own

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Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness, and Finding Your Own
in Marina Del Rey
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Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice
"From a lifetime of interviewing diverse women, Marianne Schnall has chosen quotations that address big questions, then clustered them around turning points in life. Daring to Be Ourselves is a gift, a joy and a rescue."
- Gloria Steinem

"Daring to Be Ourselves would be a book I continue to share with the women in my life, even if I wasn't so fortunate to be featured. As women, pieces of our souls are sometimes chipped away by our audacity to be all that we can. And this uplifting read has those gaps now overflowing with the reminder that we have an entire army working with us, along with the women warriors that have already cleared so much of the way. I was interviewed by Marianne shortly after losing my grandmother. I felt her presence while reading this book and look forward to sharing it with my own granddaughters one day."
- Charreah Jackson

"I love the book--it's beautiful and simple and a perfect thing to turn to in tough moments."
- Courtney Martin

"Daring to Be Ourselves is lovely and useful and true."
- Alice Walker

Daring to Be Ourselves offers inspiring words from these amazing women:
Madeleine Albright * Isabel Allende * Maya Angelou * Sandra Bernhard * Margaret Cho * Cameron Diaz * Eve Ensler * Melissa Etheridge * Jane Fonda * Carol Gilligan *
Jane Goodall * Charreah Jackson * Annie Lennox * Elizabeth Lesser *
Wangari Maathai * Courtney Martin * Pat Mitchell * Kathy Najimy *
Natalie Portman * Gloria Steinem * Loung Ung * Alice Walker *
Kerry Washington * Betty Williams

In Daring to Be Ourselves, freelance journalist Marianne Schnall brings together the most inspiring and empowering quotes from her interviews with many of the world's most interesting and influential women. The result is a compelling collection of insights and words of wisdom on a variety of important issues, including equality, overcoming adversity, aging, finding balance in life, taking care of the earth, and more. Thought provoking, enlightening, and even humorous at times, this book is a valuable resource for women and girls everywhere. - Tom Zatar , posted 03/04/11
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